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Me, Myself & I

Welcome to my brain … or almost! Find out more about my experience and who I am.

Me, Myself & I

Welcome to my brain … or almost! Find out more about my experience and who I am.

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This is me,
I’m Coralie
& I live in Amsterdam

I am an unconventional person with a touch of craziness. That’s what gives me a lot of ideas and creativity.



A lot of happiness

in a bath of kindness

A touch of beauty accompanied by a pinch of freedom

Some mutual aid

With a great amount of passion

Sprinkled with a grain of madness

I graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré in textile design. Then, I completed my training with textile art courses at the National Art School of Oslo (Kunsthøgskolen I Oslo) during my semester of Erasmus.

Finally, I am also a graduate in Multimedia Graphics at the École Multimédia de Paris.

During my studies, I was able to do a lot of internships, and then to test several experiences: I was, among others, stylist assistant for Larch Rose in Brighton (UK) jewelry designer assistant at Room Service (a small Parisian brand), then assistant of a leather goods designer at Bollywood Bazar. I also made sales, advising customers or even set designing windows storefronts.

I’ve learned to develop a textile sensibility and a knowledge of materials and colors. 

My experience in the fashion and communication fields allows me to have a complementary on projects that I lead

I worked more than 2 and a half years at the e-retail agency The Other Store. I was hired as a communication officer with the objective of creating the internal and external communication department of this company.

Often confronted with the problems of start-ups, such as the management of a project with no or little budget, I have had to be inventive in order to carry out my projects.

This experience proved to me that I was a pro-active, dynamic and organized person.

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When I left Paris to move to Amsterdam in 2015, I benefited from this lifestyle change to go independent and created my company Rocque Design for which I am a freelance Web Identity Designer. This means I give a visual existence through graphic and web design for entrepreneurial projects driven by women who want to have a positive impact in the world. 

And since 2018, I now put my expertise and knowledge as art director, graphic designer, web designer and project manager at the service of the marketing agency Incubator Studio that I co-founded with my business partner in crime Aurélie Bécat.

This journey is rich in experiences, risks taken, initiatives and beautiful encounters

Finally, I invite you to discover more on my LinkedIn profile or on Instagram.

You can also see my resume.

Enjoy! <3

PS: I’m also very chatty 🙂